Lessons from Epsilon


Greetings from Epsilon!

We wanted to share the following from one of our Summer 2014 Interns, Kelsey.  She recently reflected on her internship experience over the summer and how it is helping to make her current classwork more meaningful.  Epsilon provides interns the opportunity to work on real client projects, giving them a glimpse into a potential career path with us.



Hi, my name is Kelsey Weston and I’m currently a junior at Syracuse University majoring in Marketing and Advertising. I am presently studying abroad for a semester in Madrid, Spain. This past summer I had the opportunity to work for one of Epsilon’s acquisitions at a local advertising agency in Wilton, CT.

Understanding how an advertising agency is organized and operates is something that, no matter how much my professors tried to describe in class, I could never fully grasp. Although all firms are different depending on their area of expertise, working at one of Epsilon’s ad agencies opened my eyes to the “how” and provided valuable insight into the question. Especially working as a Project Management Intern, I was able to see the inner-workings of the agency, and how each component was connected, so that the final product could be delivered to the client. Additionally, my fellow interns and I set up meetings throughout the summer with at least one member of each department so that we could learn more about each aspect of the firm that we were not directly involved with. I learned that there are many more positions within an ad agency outside of the ones I had been taught in class, and it was fascinating to hear from real professionals in those fields.

Another really cool aspect of my internship was being able to work with household brand names like Nestle Waters (owner of Poland Spring, Perrier, San Pellegrino, etc.), Dove Men+Care line, and Dove for women as well. For example, on one of the first days of work I was brought into a briefing meeting for a Dove Men+ hair care promotion, and by my last day the team was weeks away from the final execution of the campaign. I had watched the project come to life over the summer from ideation, client approvals, design process, and tech web site building to what is now a live Dove Men brand promotion.

As I mentioned before, I was placed in the Project Management Department, and it provided tremendous insight into how a firm works. This is because the role of a Project Manager is to organize the timeline of when everything needs to be done for each department of the agency for the final product. Their goal is to make sure that the firm completes everything on time with the client’s needs in mind, as well as to make sure that the creative team, account managers, the tech team, and everyone else involved has the time and resources available to them to fulfill the client’s demands. This role turned out to be something I’m really interested in, as I usually take on this task for group projects in college, so we will not have to rush the night before the due date. Epsilon opened my eyes to a potential job path that I never knew existed, and helped me see that there are more opportunities in the advertising world than was visible in the classroom.


By Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown Campus Recruiting Coordinator