Never attended a company site visit? You should!


Undergraduate Career Services holds site visits to give students a chance to take their job search off of their computer and into the corporate world! Three students, Julia Kenney, Diana Kil, and Erika Rouleau, recently attended the TJX site visit held at the end of September. Their reactions to this experience shows how important actually visiting a company you want to work for is to making critical career search decisions!


“My visit to TJX Companies solidified my decision to apply to the company when looking for future employment. From the moment I walked into the building, there was a friendly and collaborative atmosphere between all employees that transcended their level on the corporate scale.  The first speaker was Todd Landis, Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition.  First, he reviewed the overall mission and structure of the company, then he shared his “Six Lessons to Success” with us.  After, we were introduced to a panel of four employees to whom we could ask questions to. Their careers included buyers, senior allocation analysts and planning managers.  I really enjoyed how they viewed the company as a collaborative team and not as individual branches.  We learned about the variety of career paths offered by TJX and how it is possible to experience many different divisions throughout your employment.  Overall, my trip inspired me to continue to researching careers within TJX Companies in order to apply for future employment. ”

-Julia Kenney


“Embrace change, but stay true to who you are.” That is the greatest and most reassuring take-away I had from my site visit to the TJX corporate office. As a marketing major, I consistently hear people rave about TJX and their remarkable internship program. Because of this, I developed an interest in the company. The site visit transformed that interest into a full-blown passion. The company sincerely cares for their employees and allows them to make mistakes. It’s more than simply making profits – it’s about helping students learn and grow to reach their full potential. The speakers at TJX, which included recent graduates and Todd Landis, the VP of Global Talent Acquisitions, exuberated nothing but genuine love for the work that they do. They were clear about what the company stands for and honest about the fact that their job is not suited for everyone. Yet, after touring around the building and conversing with the employees, I was actually able to picture myself working there. I found myself in a friendly and open environment where I felt as though I was able to freely express who I am. From this experience, I learned that you don’t have to change who you are to find a job that you love.”

-Diana Kil


“My experience at TJX ended up being quite serendipitous. I went in simply wanting to see how business was conducted on a corporate level. After a full day of looking behind the scenes and interacting with the buyers, I was completely intrigued with the industry.

I was initially drawn to TJX because of the brand that it has successfully built with their stores. Once you visit on site and see how the company runs, it’s a completely new ball game. I found out that there is so much more that TJX succeeds at than it appears on the surface. It helps to take advantage of Bentley’s Career Services Office and attend these site visits- they’re amazing!

I got the opportunity to listen to Vice President Todd Landis, who gave me a new perspective on how much work goes into the company to make it the best it can be. I also got a tour from a recent Bentley alum- Jeff Breault- who was amazingly helpful to learn all about the internships from a recent student perspective.

The site visit helped me find an industry that really intrigues me that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Whether you find out the company is a perfect fit for you or somewhere you don’t want to work, my advice is to take advantage of the site visits! It could change your whole perspective.”

-Erika Rouleau


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By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant Julia Paradis