Are you up for the challenge? Apply to Match Teacher Residency, Match Corps: Boston or Chicago

Are you up for the challenge?

Apply to Match Teacher Residency, Match Corps: Boston, or Match Corps: Chicago TODAY!

What is the Match Corps?

The Match Corps is a one-year, full-time professional tutoring program in which elite college graduates work intensively with students in small groups (1-4 students per tutor at a time). Unlike traditional tutoring models where instruction takes place outside of regular class hours, the students we serve participate in tutoring as its own stand-alone period during the school day. Each corps member will receive a personal caseload of students with whom they will work all year. Corps members not only provide academic support, but also build strong, meaningful relationships with students and families. They work tirelessly to ensure the success of their students.

This full-time tutoring program is designed to fully close the achievement gap between minority students and their non-minority peers, one student at a time.

Who Applies to the Match Corps?

Match Corps members are high-achievers with a relentless work ethic. The Match Corps Program is highly selective, with a 6% hire rate. Match Corps members span a wide range of career interests, from medicine and law to education and policy. Nearly all Match Corps members who apply to graduate school are accepted.

Match Corps Members are:

  • Recent college grads who…
    • Are interested in education and wish to pursue a year of service;
    • Are looking for a gap year of service before medical school, law school, or other graduate programs; and
    • Are interested in a career in education policy and want a one-year opportunity to experience life on the ground in urban schools in an authentic and meaningful way.
  • People who want to become high-performing “No Excuses” teachers (these Match Corps: Boston members also take part in our Match Teacher Residency)
  • Career-changers or retired professionals who want to instill their love of learning, and especially of math, in students

Where is the Match Corps?

In Boston: Match Charter Public School operates four schools across three campuses in Boston, Massachusetts (Match High School, Match Middle School, Match Community Day, and Match Next). All of our students, ranging from K1 through 12th grade, receive tutoring from Match Corps members. Learn more about Match Corps: Boston here.Within our Match Corps: Boston program is the option of the Match Teacher Residency, which trains awesome rookie teachers for urban “No Excuses” (high expectations) schools. Learn more about Match Teacher Residency here.

In Other Districts: In 2011, Match Education realized its mission of expanding its tutoring model to other districts and schools across America. The Foundation partnered with the Lawrence Public School District in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 2012 to start a math-specific tutoring program in two of their high schools as part of their district-wide turnaround plan. In 2013, the Foundation partnered with the University of Chicago and the Chicago Public School District to bring a math-specific tutoring program into twelve low-performing high schools. Click here to learn more about how to be at the forefront of urban education reform.

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By Janet Kenney
Janet Kenney Assistant Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center, Employer Relations & Recruiting