Join us on May 13th- The Evolving Relationship of Brands and Bloggers


The Evolving Relationship of Brands and Bloggers:

What It Means for Your Content Strategy




Bloggers are central to most influencer programs today for consumer and B2B brands alike. But how has the blogger-brand relationship evolved and how can brands make bloggers – both within and outside of their organizations – more effective contributors to a brand’s broader content strategy? What can be earned, what should you own, and what paid opportunities are worthy of brand budgets?

On May 13, The Publicity Club of New England will host a deep-dive session to uncover emerging trends and opportunities to elevate your blogger strategy and measure its return on investment. A panel of experts will share what they’ve learned over the past decade from some of the most successful blogger-brand programs and, even more salient, how the space has rapidly changed during the past 12 months.

Session highlights include:

  • Identifying and deploying bloggers as brand spokespersons
  • Tapping the power of blogger networks: paid and earned opportunities
  • Building and growing blogger-brand ambassador programs
  • CSR-focused blogger programs
  • The brand as publisher and how in-house bloggers, from CEOs on down, are improving web traffic and lead generation
  • Cross-platform programming
  • Setting goals and measuring outcomes for blog content and blogger engagement

Moderator: Laura Tomasetti, CEO of 360 Public Relations, @Laura360


  • Audrey McClelland, Founder of Mom Generations, @AudreyMcClellan
  • Morra Aarons-Mele, Founder of Women Online, @MorraAM
  • Dave Charest, Content Manager at Constant Contact, @DaveCharest
  • Melanie Feehan, 360PR Influencer Program, @MelanieMiddle1

When: Tuesday, May 13th
6:00 p.m. – Dinner and Networking

6:30 p.m. – Program/Panel Discussion


Where: 360 Public Relations, 200 State Street, Boston, MA 02109

By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant