’s Turn Your Skills into Scholarships by 2/7

Turn Your Skills into Scholarships – Join by Feb 07, 2014 to receive personalized support is innovating how students fund their education and employers recruit graduates. We are currently providing crowdfunding scholarship making opportunities and personalized training to students who want to turn their skills into scholarships.

Traditionally students fund their education with personal saving, financial aid, loans and scholarships.  With students can crowdfund their personal scholarships while refining their skills by offering them as perks to donors. Our Oxford bound scholar Gergana raised more than $2,000 in three weeks.  Forbes magazine identified us as the Kickstarter for higher education.  

Currently, Nakoo is seeking 25 graduate and undergraduate degree program students from your university to be part of our inaugural crowd-granting program.  We train students to crowd grant and promote them to relevant employers.  It’s free to join and any money raised for personal scholarships goes directly to the university as a scholarship check.  By joining Nakoo, students will:

1.    Receive scholarship money in exchange of skills
2.    Collect recommendations and endorsements to pave their professional path
3.    Connect with potential employers to launch a career

To participate, simply Start you scholarship campaign.

We will review your scholarship and train you on how to crowdfund.    For any comments and questions email us at


By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant Julia Paradis