Insight on crucial steps/coursework/internships to advance your career

What steps have you taken to get to where you are today?

Hard work, dedication, and being open and eager to learn. In public accounting, we are typically working long hours so having a good work ethic is essential. There is an incredible learning curve; you can move up quickly when you embrace this learning, know what you don’t know, and have the eagerness to learn and grow.


What sort of coursework and/or internship experiences would be helpful in landing a job in your field?

Of course the required accounting courses are important. I found finance courses to also be very beneficial as these concepts are very interrelated. Additionally, public speaking courses are a great way to get exposure to presenting in front of an audience as will be required within the first few years at a public accounting firm. Before you know it, you’ll be presenting at local and/or national trainings and in front of management and audit committees. Lastly, I’ve been able to translate much of my managerial psychology class to the day to day activities of my job. An audit is incredibly interactive and requires effective interpersonal and communications skills to manage the relationship with the client, the partner, and the staff.

By Annie Delaney (Booudreau)
Annie Delaney (Booudreau)