Ever wonder what happens in the Recruiting Office and Career Services—which companies are coming in? what candidates they’re seeking? and what interview tips they have? Well, we’re here to fill you in and give you a behind the scenes look into the Recruiting Office and all Career Services has to offer.

We’re Kaylee and Gillian, the Recruiting interns here on campus in LaCava 205. The office has been unbelievably busy so far this semester with over 75 companies conducting over 1,400 interviews. Check out how busy our office has been:

Recruiting Office

As seniors, we know first-hand that the job search and interview processes can be overwhelming at times. Don’t worry, we’re here to help by providing tips and knowledge from employers, the Career Services Office, and of course, ourselves. We’ll be highlighting the companies that are coming into the office and interviewing the recruiters for their top advice, as well as highlighting some of the resources that the Career Services office has to offer.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be talking about this semester:

Behind the scenes of last week:

Last week, when we had a top company in the Recruiting Office holding interviews, we took the opportunity to interview the recruiter and a recent hire about their best advice for students starting the job search process. Here’s what they had to say:

Top advice from a Recruiter:

“It’s never too early or too late to start the job search or networking process.”

This recruiter mentioned that she has made connections with freshmen and sophomores in the past that have led to future opportunities. She stressed that it’s never too early to get your name out there and expand your network. The same goes for seniors. She mentioned that she has made connections with seniors who may not have taken opportunities with her company initially, but maintained the connection and discovered open positions later on in their career. The key is to “know your connections can mean something later on” and that every connection can count. Expanding your network is always beneficial—no matter where you are in the process.

Top Advice from a Recent Hire:

When asked her top advice for students looking for full-time and internship opportunities, this recent hire reassuringly said:

“Don’t get discouraged or nervous. It takes time to find the right fit, but it will happen.”

We really think she said it all there. Don’t stress too much if you haven’t found an internship or full-time job yet. It’ll come. But when it does, it’s best to be prepared. Check out some available workshops and resources to help you get prepared for those big interviews on the Virtual Career Center by logging into BentleyLink.

Interview Bloopers

So we all may have heard some interview horror stories; we may even have some of our own. While these stories can be entertaining (or maybe even humiliating if they’re about us), they can provide some great insight about what NOT to do in an interview situation. We figured why not highlight a few of the most common and the most ridiculous interview mistakes in our very own interview blooper section.

When we asked a recruiter visiting the office this past week about the most outrageous interview mistake that she has ever experienced, she gave us this example:

At another school, a student stood up mid-interview, shook the recruiter’s hand and said: “I’m just not feeling this” then proceeded to walk out of the interview room.

It’s safe to say that this student did not get a call back for current or future opportunities. The bottom line is: Always be professional. You may not be interested in a position or a company now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be interested in some future opportunity. It can payoff in the long run to make a good impression now.


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By Gillian Paradis
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