From a Former CIS Major & Budding Marketing Technologist

I will admit, I was initially hesitant about working in marketing. As a nerdy CIS major, my professional passions at the time were drawing massive flowcharts and writing code, and selling creative ads certainly seemed like the polar opposite to that. But, as I would come to learn, that is only one part of marketing. And after finally seeing from inside the trenches of marketing services, I am excited to say that the technological possibilities and realities in the industry are enormous.

I started working at Epsilon as an Associate Business Systems Analyst in June, and have since been working with marketing databases for one of the largest banks in the world. In my CIS courses, databases with a couple dozen tables and a few hundred records seemed massive. But as is analogous to an astronaut gazing down upon the Earth from orbit for the first time, “massive” is not truly understood until one starts to write a query tapping into data warehouses, each with hundreds of tables and millions upon millions of records, all fed by hundreds of input and output processes that would likely take the boards of every classroom in Smith to visually chart.

It is certainly overwhelming at first, but the data management, systems analysis, and software project management courses I took in Bentley CIS definitely prepared me to hit the ground running, and I can say for sure that it will take a long time for me to run out of things to learn. If that vivid illustration excites you, and if you enjoy writing a nice elegant SQL query, then I am confident you will not only do well, but you will also enjoy working as an ABSA at Epsilon.

By Ryan Hebert
Ryan Hebert Associate Business Systems Analyst