Ask Alyssa Episode 13: The salary question

Alyssa shares her advice for how to respond when an employer asks how much you want to get paid.

Spring Career Fair Recap

1 snowy afternoon, 108 companies, 1000+ students, 300+ industry representatives… now that’s a successful Spring Career Fair! Thank you to …

Ask Alyssa Episode 12: RSVPing to Career Services’ events

Alyssa shares why it is crucial to RSVP to Career Services’ events.

Ask Alyssa Episode 11: Reneging on a job offer

Alyssa shares her advice about reneging on a job offer.

Ask Alyssa Episode 10: How to extend an offer

Alyssa shares advice on what to do if you want to extend a job offer you’ve received.

Ask Alyssa Episode 9: How to get the most out of the Career Fair

Alyssa shares her top tips and tricks for how to get the most out of the Career Fair.

Ask Alyssa Episode 8: What to do if you haven’t heard back from employers

Alyssa tells students what to do if they’ve applied for multiple positions but haven’t heard back from any of them.

Ask Alyssa Episode 7: What to do if you’re a freshmen

Alyssa shares her advice for freshmen in terms of starting the job/internship search

12 Days of Career Services

On the first day of my Career Search, my advisor gave to me… Check out our twist on a classic …