Center for Gender Sanity

The Center for Gender Sanity assists with all aspects of transition in the workplace. We consult with employers and HR professionals to guide them through an employee’s change to a different gender presentation. We offer diversity training specifically on transgender issues for all levels of management and workers.
We have two books available. Transsexual Workers: An Employer’s Guide explains transsexualism and the process of transitioning from one sex to the other, with a focus on management issues. Potential problem areas in the workplace are addressed, and a resource section points the way to additional books, websites, videos, and more.
Working with a Transsexual puts information about transgender in the context of a transsexual woman’s story. Frequently asked questions are answered, and respectful ways of interacting with a transsexual are modeled for coworkers.
The Center for Gender Sanity helps transgender individuals plan a successful transition. We offer advice about talking with coworkers and superiors and about the timing of each step to be taken. We can also help the transgender employee avoid common pitfalls and deal with anticipated or actual problems.