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Career Development Seminars (CDI 101, 201 & 301) and Internship (CDI 102)

CDI 101 for First-Year Students

In 2013, Bentley launched Career Development Introduction 101 (CDI 101) to equip first-year students with a comprehensive career toolkit and the ability to understand and “tell their story”. The course is the first step in a four year Hire Education program designed to support our belief that competence, confidence, and community lead to meaningful careers and lives. The 6-week optional class is designed and taught by the Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center coaches and is only offered in the Spring of students’ first year.

CDI 101 annually enrolls over 1010 first-year students (97+%) and addresses the foundational aspects of career development including:

  • Self-Assessment and Awareness: Identification of personal strengths/talents and how they impact career decision making and the development of effective job search marketing collateral
  • Written Communication: Development of tangible self-marketing pieces: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and electronic business correspondence
  • Verbal Communication: Development of elevator pitch and professional informational meeting and networking skills
  • Internships: Knowledge of internship search process and tools
  • Career Resources: Knowledge and proper use of career exploration resources

Successful completion of the course is noted on students’ transcripts and serves as a prerequisite for a one-credit internship, CDI 102.

Please Note: The credit you receive through the one-credit internship (CDI 102) does not go toward your graduation requirements.

Registration for begins in November on MyBentley.

CDI 102 Internship Course for First and Second Year Students

CDI 102 is the second course in the CDI series, and can only be taken once the prerequisite of CDI 101 is satisfied. Working with a designated instructor from the Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center, students will participate in an internship experience while simultaneously completing assignments required by the class. First and second year students are eligible for this course if they have secured an internship where credit is required by an employer.  A full syllabus will be issued to enrolled students. Participation in an internship experience is integral to enrollment in this course.  Interested students can contact Kristine Vidic at kvidic@bentley.edu about course registration requirements and deadlines.

Please Note: The credit earned for this course, along with the grade, will be reflected on your transcript, however CDI 102 credit(s) are extraneous to graduation requirements.

CDI 201 for Sophomores

In 2016, Bentley launched Career Development Introduction 201 (CDI 201) for sophomores which focuses on job search readiness.   The curriculum is centered on advanced StrengthsFinder based assessment, Strong Interest Inventory assessment, customized career action planning, advanced internship search techniques, and interviewing preparation and practice (which includes a mock interview with an employer).  The 6-week class is designed and taught by Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center coaches who are certified StrengthsFinder coaches, is only offered in the Fall of students’ second year, and covers:

  • Applying Talent in Career Exploration based on Strengths (StrengthsFinder assessment)
  • Personality & Environment “Fit” based on Interests (Strong Interest Inventory assessment)
  • Customized Career Action Planning
  • Job Search Readiness & the 21st Century Internship Search
  • Interview Preparation
  • Interview Practice

Registration for begins in April on MyBentley.

CDI 301 Intensive Courses by Major for Juniors and Seniors

Starting in Fall 2018, an exciting addition to the CDI curriculum will be offered – Career Development Intensive 301 (CDI 301) is a new series of FIVE advanced job search preparation courses offered to juniors and seniors and focused on their career development based on their specific MAJOR.

Specialized CDI 301 courses are offered in the following major fields of study: Finance, Accounting/Actuarial, Marketing/IDCC/Creative Industries, Management/Professional Sales, and Computer Information Systems/Data Analytics; a new micro-course for BA/LSM students is also offered every spring. Various versions and multiple sections of CDI 301 will be offered during the fall and early spring of students’ junior and/or senior year.

CDI 301 courses will educate upperclassmen about advanced job searching as it relates to their particular major, related jobs and industries, and recruiting timelines, and help students develop their career development toolkits, career management skills, and workplace readiness competencies as upperclassmen.

The 4 class intensives are designed and taught by each major’s dedicated career coach. Topics to be covered include:

  • Advanced Resume and Cover Letter Development reflecting major competencies and market demand skills and experience
  • Interview Preparation based on major related industries and positions
  • Salary and Offer Negotiation
  • Advanced Career Action Planning for Junior and Senior Year

Registration for all CDI courses is in accordance with the academic registration periods, policies and procedures.

*The Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center received the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Award for Career Services Excellence for the HIRE Education CDI course suite.