Careers in Tech Roundtable | Finding Tech Jobs & Building Tech Careers

Hear from recruiters from Lyft, Twitter, and Medium!

A discussion with tech recruiters & industry mentors on how applicants can prepare for open tech jobs and advice on how to stand out. About this Event Today’s job market for careers in tech can be difficult to crack, even for the most experienced professional looking for a job in tech. With the “new normal” taking shape in industry and society, it’s a challenge to keep up with these changes. On top of that, add in the fact that business and employment needs are constantly shifting and it can be next to impossible to find your place. Even worse, the job you’re applying for may not even be a good fit you due to variables you didn’t even consider.

Over the past few weeks, have you asked yourself:

• How can I prepare for new career opportunities?

• Where should I look for these jobs and how can you stay ahead of the curve?

• How can I apply my skills to these new needs and “get in contention?”

• What can I do to get my resume in the “right” hands for consideration?

• What skills and experiences do I need in order to be considered that are “not already stated?”

• What do recruiters consider when reviewing applicants for a position?

• Why should I apply for a job even if the odds are stacked against me?

You are not alone.

Join us on Thursday September 24th as we discuss these questions and more at our Careers in Tech Roundtable live podcast event via Zoom. Our event features several professionals from across the tech world and all over the country who will share knowledge and advice on how to best prepare for a career in tech and the processes you need to consider.

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