Office of Sustainability Student Leadership Program

Office of Sustainability Student Leadership Program

Student Leadership is essential to making Bentley a sustainable university. As such the Office of Sustainability has developed a robust Sustainability Leadership Program to cultivate professional skills and provide students with hands on learning opportunities.

The Office of Sustainability (OOS) will start Fall 2018 with five student leaders aiming to expand the program to six eventually.

Student leaders are required to:
 Attend Fall OOS Student Leader Orientation (Saturday, September 22nd 9 am – 5 pm)
 Attend team check-ins (weekly TBD)
 Collaborate with other OOS Student Leaders as much as possible
 Serve as sustainability tour guides for the LEED Platinum Certified Bentley Arena. OOS will provide training.

Office of Sustainability Assistant
The Office of Sustainability relies on an assistant to help staff complete projects that are essential for the function of the office. This student is responsible for assisting both the Executive Director and the Assistant Director of Sustainability with day-to-day tasks including: conducting research, drafting reports, data analysis projects and event planning.
Essential skills include; basic knowledge about campus sustainability, excellent writing skills, familiarity with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and being extremely organized.
This position is approved for up to 10 hours a week.

PR Manager
The PR Manager is responsible for maintaining a favorable public image for the Office of Sustainability (OOS) and its activities on and off campus. The manager will focus on communicating Bentley’s sustainability progress through management of the OOS website, oversight and strategy for social media channels and development of marketing materials. This student works with and oversees the PR Outreach Assistant, educating them on the proper tactics of marketing/public relations.
The skills necessary for this internship include: confidence in communicating and leading, extensive understanding of social media strategies and self-motivation and organizational skills. This student will have graphic design experience with either Adobe, Canva or other software. This position requires strong professional writing skills. The ideal manager will be a professional liaison between the PR Outreach Assistant and the directors of the office.
This position is approved for up to 20 hours a week.

PR Outreach Assistant
The primary role of the PR Outreach Assistant is to execute and support the Office of Sustainability’s public relations strategy. This student leader works with the PR Manager to facilitate marketing, promotion and communication of Bentley’s sustainability efforts. The PR Outreach Assistant is responsible for attending campus events, posting in real time to social media, managing informational chalkboards, and distributing posters across campus. The goal is to expand the office’s reach at the University by being present at events and activities to stream on social media. The PR Outreach Assistant will report directly to the PR Manager.
The skills necessary for this internship include: professional writing skills, ability to create engaging and professional content. Student must have availability to attend campus events.
This position is approved for up to 10 hours a week.

Volunteer Coordinator (2 positions available)
The Volunteer Coordinators are responsible for the management of volunteers for the Office of Sustainability. This includes organizing volunteer opportunities such as tabling for awareness campaigns, recycling at sporting events, and several other activities. The coordinators main job will be to focus on recruitment, placement, and retention of volunteers. These student leaders will report to the directors of the office, but it is their role to see to it that the volunteer program runs smoothly. The coordinator will effectively market the program, recruit and communicate with volunteers, and keep track of volunteer hours.
The skills necessary for this internship include: strong interpersonal and communication skills, ability to manage a variety of tasks, and the capacity to motivate and lead others.
Each position is approved for up to 10 hours a week.

If you are interested in applying for these positions, please send your resume and cover letter to ga_bentley_sustainability@bentley.edu.  The deadline to apply is Thursday, August 30th at 12:00 pm.

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