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Sustainable DEI: Taking Action as an Individual, Team, and Organization

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts often get started with enthusiasm and speed, but many may stall or fail along the way when there’s a lack of sustainable progress. This breeds unnecessary frustration and cynicism for such a worthy cause. People often assume that they are not in the position to affect this, when in fact they can–as individuals, teams, and part of their organizations. In this course, management consultant and executive coach Karen Jaw-Madson shares her strategies for creating sustainable change in your organization with enough depth, breadth, and momentum. Karen explains the importance of learning, engaging, and communicating for change, and shows you how to build the persistence, consistency, and mastery required for sustainability. Gain new knowledge and actionable, customized plans you can implement in your own unique circumstances. If you desire relevant, impactful, and sustainable DEIB, join Karen in this resource-packed learning experience.

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