Finding a Mentor: Why, Where, When, and How

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Look at the clock! It’s time to find a mentor.


Whether you haven’t had an internship or you’ve had five (also applicable to full-time jobs), you can benefit from mentorship. Anyone can, because nobody knows everything about their specialty or field of study, partially because that would require a limitless amount of experience and knowledge and partially because information and common practices are constantly changing! The absolute best way to learn more about anything is through first-hand experience and …

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova
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Bentley Investment Banking Club: Club Overview Meeting on 9/16!


First Year and Sophomore Students:  Are you interested in learning more about pursuing a career in investment banking?

If so, don’t miss the Bentley Investment Banking Club’s Club Overview Meeting on Wednesday, September 16th, from 9:15pm – 10:15pm via Zoom (

By MaryEllen Ryan
MaryEllen Ryan Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center MaryEllen Ryan
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How YOU Can Tackle a Virtual Career Fair!


The virtual setting has shifted everything about the world of professionalism- even the way students find and search for jobs. It has become increasingly important to be comfortable pursuing professional endeavors virtually.

Career fairs have been a great way for students to learn more about roles at a wide range of companies as well as network with Bentley alumni and recruiters alike. Even in the age of virtual events, a career fair can still be a great resource!

The Pulsifer …

By Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Senior Assistant Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Jennifer Graham
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Your Back to School Career Checklist 

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Get your books from the bookstore. Buy your home decor for your dorm room. Get your career checklist CHECKED.

Refresh your resume with new relevant job experiences 
Write out your career goals for the academic year 
RSVP to upcoming events on CareerEdge
Sign up for your CDI course 
Plan out some LinkedIn posts and content 
Create a career action plan (full blog post coming soon!)

What else is on your career checklist?

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani
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Top Consulting Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Management consulting is an exciting field with plenty of opportunities for consultants to develop effective business strategies and help clients thrive in their respective industries. If you’re interested in becoming a consultant, you may be wondering about the best way to approach the interview process. For example, what should you expect and how can you prepare?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the consulting interview process typically consists of two types of interviews: (1) Fit interviews (also called …

By WayUp Guide
WayUp Guide
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