Fall 2021The Pulsifer Career Development Center is open for IN-PERSON business.  All appointments and drop-in’s will be offered in-person or on-line and can be scheduled on Handshake.  Please read all CareerEdge e-correspondence & your career coach emails for community updates and your career coach’s appointment and drop-in modality options.  Please email GA_UCD@Bentley.edu for questions. For the most updated career related Covid-19 information click here.

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FREE Finance Career Resources from Corporate Finance Institute!

Check out Corporate Finance Institute’s extensive library of FREE Finance Career Resources. This library has been designed to help you land the job of your dreams by giving you interview guides, resume and cover letter templates, job descriptions, people skills training, recruiting and job search tips, compensation ranges, comparisons of different designations, lists of financial services companies, and more!

By MaryEllen Ryan
MaryEllen Ryan Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center MaryEllen Ryan
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MSCPA 2020 Scholarships Are Now Open!

The MSCPA is pleased to announce that they have restructured their scholarship program and will now be offering scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $10,000. The process for students couldn’t be easier – all required application documents can be uploaded to an online portal.

Click here to learn more about the changes they’ve made to the structure of the scholarship program.

To learn more about the scholarships offered, click here.

The deadline to apply is February 3, 2020.


By Melissa J. Sawyer
Melissa J. Sawyer Senior Associate Director/Operations Manager, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Melissa J. Sawyer
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INTERNSHIPS – What, How, and Why.

Internships… ah the first taste of the real world and what it’s like to work everyday. Fun!

Internships provide the opportunity to learn about a possible career that you are interested in. It’s about taking your strengths, skills, interests, and experience and applying it to a day time job that you can provide value in. The best way to think of the internship is a 10 -12 week long experience where you get to gain exposure and insight into the …

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani
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