Emily Danielian (’23, Actaurial Science) is #HIRED!


Congratulations to Emily Danielian for accepting an offer as a Actuarial Intern at Liberty Mutual Insurance!

By Kristen Novit
Kristen Novit CareerEdge Manager Kristen Novit
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When To Update Your Resume

Resume Update Cover

Does your resume need to be updated? See when the best times are to update it!

By Sarah Vojta
Sarah Vojta Creative Graphic Designer Sarah Vojta
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3 Very Smart Things to Do Right Now if You Want an Internship

Don’t Have an Internship_ (1)

Welcome back to another semester, falcons! The Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center is so excited to help you grow professionally and work to get many more of you employed for Summer 2021! If you currently don’t have an internship or full-time job for this upcoming summer but want one, there are three important steps that you can take to get that coveted offer.


Crank out those applications.

Many companies are hiring at this point of the year and even …

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova
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5 Ways to Identify a Company’s Social Responsibility

5 Ways to Identify a Company’s Social Responsibility thumbnail image

Identifying a company’s social responsibility can be a difficult endeavor. Of course, you want to work for a sustainable and profitable company that contributes positively to society and the surrounding environment. But, this can be difficult to find. To that end, we’ve collected our top five things to look for to help you to spot a socially responsible company.

1. Cause-Related Marketing

A good indicator of a socially responsible company is cause-related marketing. This technique is used by companies to raise awareness …

By Richard Conn - Vault
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These Machine Learning Startups Are Ushering in a Data Revolution

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 4.17.19 PM

Plenty of organizations use big data to enhance their operations. Banks deploy data mining techniques to detect fraud or predict the likelihood a borrower will default on a loan. E-commerce companies apply quantitative and probabilistic methods to head off cybersecurity threats while mining massive amounts of customer data to build recommendation engines. Targeted marketing campaigns aimed at providing personalized customer experience.

But as the use cases for data science grow more sophisticated, some innovative startups are now relying on artificial …

By Kindra Cooper - Springboard
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