Looking Back, Stepping Forward: Bentley Alumni & Seniors Celebrate Success


By Kristine Vidic
Kristine Vidic Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Kristine Vidic
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The Patriots aren’t the only ones ready to kick-off – Marketing, Management, IDCC & MC majors are, too, for INTERNSHIPS!

MKT.MG.IDCC Internship Kickoff

By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Center Alyssa Hammond
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Sophomore Class Kickoff

Sophomore Class Kickoff

For those of you sophomores who missed Sophomore Class Kickoff and those of you who got the wonderful opportunity to attend, here’s a wrap-up. On Wednesday, November 7 in the Adamian Pavilion two of your fellow career advisers  Colleen Murphy and Kristine Vidic, discussed the importance of having your Career Plan in Action! The presentation discussed the elements involved in the Sophomore Career Tool Kit. This kit discussed the importance of four things for sophomores: self-assessments, refining your career plan, attending …

By Melissa Pena
Melissa Pena Melissa Pena
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Alumni Spotlight: Justin Obey ’06

Alumni Spotlight: Justin Obey ’06 thumbnail image

Social Boston Sports Founder Justin Obey ’06 talks about the foundation he received at Bentley that drove him to start his own company.

Read more about Justin and his company at: http://socialbostonsports.com

By Deanna Desharnais
Deanna Desharnais Deanna Desharnais
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