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5 keys to help you to get a job in paid search marketing

If you’re looking to establish yourself as a paid search marketing expert, here are five things that are absolutely critical.

#1. Experience

If you don’t have experience, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a job, so you may want to start with an internship. Companies, and especially Internet marketing agencies, have to show a return on every marketing investment, so employers want to make sure that a potential candidate has been able to generate revenue using Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and …

By John McDougall
John McDougall CEO McDougall Interactive
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Former Intern & Current Employee @ Epsilon

As part of the first official class of Summer Interns at Epsilon, I was eager to learn more about the inner workings of this behind the scenes, database marketing giant.  I had a vague understanding of the business as a whole and knew this was my chance to begin gaining a copious amount of marketing and big data knowledge.  What drives this company’s business? Where do they stand in the database marketing industry? What is the culture like? What does …

By Kristin Sutherby
Kristin Sutherby Associate Business Systems Analyst
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From a Former CIS Major & Budding Marketing Technologist

I will admit, I was initially hesitant about working in marketing. As a nerdy CIS major, my professional passions at the time were drawing massive flowcharts and writing code, and selling creative ads certainly seemed like the polar opposite to that. But, as I would come to learn, that is only one part of marketing. And after finally seeing from inside the trenches of marketing services, I am excited to say that the technological possibilities and realities in the industry …

By Ryan Hebert
Ryan Hebert Associate Business Systems Analyst
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