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Top ways to improve your personality as a university student

Contrary to the popular belief that everything you learn in the early teenage is the way you start living the rest of your life. However, to some extent, there is a strong argument there, that what one learns in early age cannot be easily forgotten later in the life, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot develop or work on different aspects of your personality traits as you grow. When you are a university student, you are almost a grown …

By Serina levis
Serina levis Custom assignment assistance service
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Sports: More than blood, sweat, and tears

Being a dedicated athlete is something that many claim but few achieve. In the sports world there are many lessons that you can take from the playing field to the boardroom. When you’re on campus this winter and figuring out how to have fun and stay warm, think about the various sport opportunities Bentley has. Grab your friends and set yourselves up for success!

Strong sports leadership skills can take you far in your careers. Here’s what we mean:

Gives …

By Jessica Marina
Jessica Marina
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6 Exciting Careers For Those Student Who Have Strong Leadership Skills

If you are one of those students who have unique leadership skills, you can get the advantage of some of the most exciting career opportunities in the world. There are various career options in which you can try your luck but the most important thing is that you must have real passion to do something different. Here we are discussing six highly potential jobs for those students who don’t just want to earn handsome salary packages but also want to …

By Katherine Brunt
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Mink: Graduate’s Dilemma

So begins the story of a recent college graduate named Mink and along with it, my own editorial on the world of marketing. This endeavor marries together two topics I’ve learned a fair bit about over the past few years: marketing and drawing (or more precisely, drawing cartoons).

What remains to be seen is if combining the two will provide anything remarkable. I encourage you to stick with it because who knows, you just might get a laugh or two at Mink’s …

By Al Biedrzycki
Al Biedrzycki
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5 Things You Should Definitely Learn From Your First Job

Yes, it was the most beautiful time of your life. Right from those enjoyable hangouts with your friends to the lectures you endured, college life certainly transformed the better side of you, into someone all set to go ahead and achieve great milestones. But, don’t you think there’s a great deal of learning to be done before that?

Obviously, first job makes you feel independent enough to take decisions, but it is one of the most significant aspects of your …

By Anshuman Kukreti
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Top 5 Job Search Engines: Find Ideal Jobs in Your Favorite Industry

A large number of people are in great trouble because of unemployment and can’t live the way they like. On the other hand are those who have jobs but are not completely satisfied with the attitude of their bosses, current PayScale, progress and opportunities to move forward in their lives. In both cases, one needs to reach wide range of job offers to be able to find suitable careers. If you are not satisfied with your current job and looking …

By Alison Carmel
Alison Carmel Academic Writer
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8 Career Paths for English Majors

For English majors, finding a job immediately after college could either be really challenging or a piece of cake, depending on luck – and some acumen. Everyone assumes that English majors end up teaching English, and that it is the only real profession out there for them. This, however, is untrue.

With the rise of internet and online career possibilities, there are plenty of career paths to select from. The good thing about Humanities Major is that it can fit in …

By Rochelle Ceira
Rochelle Ceira
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How gaining “T-Shaped” skills will give you an edge

The rise of “knowledge-based” businesses is fueling demand for a new type of employee.

As you prepare to enter the workforce, you’ll see that organizations ideally want to hire employees with specialized technical knowledge, but who can also think broadly across disciplines, and apply their knowledge to new settings. These people are known as “T-shaped” workers – someone whose skills and knowledge are both deep and broad.

The concept of T-shaped skills or T-shaped persons is a metaphor used in job …

By Patricia Cotter
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Interested in Working in Sales at a Startup?

Working in Sales at a Startup

If you have a competitive drive, an aptitude to learn quickly, and a passion for conversing with all sorts of people, sales may be the field for you.  Successful salespeople excel at building rapport with clients and educating them on their product—which means that salespeople are often on the phone from the time they get into the office to the time they leave. Salespeople may make over 50 calls a day to people they …

By Phil Strazzulla
Phil Strazzulla CEO
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AXA Internship Program

During the summer after junior year I was an actuarial intern with the life insurance company AXA US. Overall I had an excellent time working with AXA and would definitely recommend it to students pursuing the actuarial field. If you love to learn, AXA provides their actuarial students the most support. Throughout the entire internship, interns were exposed to exam prep courses, VBA training, and presentations on relevant actuarial topics. I would say the culture within AXA’s actuarial community is …

By Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu
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