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Why I Love Being an Actuary with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts!


Here at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, we embrace the ever-evolving and changing healthcare environment. As a current Actuarial Student enrolled in the Actuarial Rotational Program, I am able to see different angles and perspectives of the healthcare world through the different lenses of my rotations. My current rotation is in Network Payment Innovation and Contract Management. In this department, we manage multiple healthcare groups to help increase their efficiency and lower their costs. My day-to-day role involves …

By Cassidie Cade
Cassidie Cade Actuarial Analyst
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6 Ways Blogging Will Help You after Graduation

So is it worth it? I mean, it’s a big investment of time, this blogging thing. And seeing as many blogs fail (I read 95% do) the return on investment seems a bit on the small side. Heck, even if you do manage to get a decent blog going, with a swelling readership and a growing voice in your niche, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to live off it. The monetary windfall might be years down the line. Why …

By Daniela McVicker
Daniela McVicker
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How to Prepare for your First Day at a New Internship

The first day at a new internship is always nerve-wracking. You’re unsure about what you’ll be doing, and you want to make a good impression on your new bosses and co-workers. If you do these preparations, your day will go much more smoothly.

Do Some Last Minute Studying

The night before a big exam, you probably go over the class material one last time, making sure you know everything that will be on the test. You should do this same type of …

By Piyush Mangukiya
Piyush Mangukiya
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Current senior Alexander Bailey writes about his Internship Experience with Epsilon!


My Internship Experience with Epsilon

I applied for the Revenue Analyst Intern position at Epsilon back in March, 2015. The next day after submitting my application, I was contacted by Stephanie Perkins and we set up a phone interview. Shortly after that, I was chosen for an in-person interview and had the opportunity to visit the office. Almost immediately after my interview, I was offered the job and accepted it right away. The entire application process was straight-forward and …

By Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown University Relations Coordinator
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Freshmen Tips: 5 Ways to Live a Successful College Life

Every student dreams of getting admission in one of the best and highly recognized colleges. Unfortunately, not all students avail this chance. Students who are devoted and more concerned about their future stay ahead in the competition. A college life is absolutely different and requires more dedication and commitment. It is not a big deal to pass the college entry test, but to earn remarkable success during a college lifespan is something worthy.

If you want to be the bright …

By John Bishop
John Bishop
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8 Top Courses fit for Finance Students

We shouldn’t be telling you how demanding and effective financing is. There are plenty of ways to manage a company’s finances, how to make money and more. Students learn how to do savings, making decisive investments and control their cash flow.

There are many areas that make use of these skills such as financial institutions and corporate finance. It all depends upon selecting the right courses for these fields. That is exactly what this article aims to do.

Competent finance …

By Hannah Lewis
Hannah Lewis
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Body language mistakes to avoid in a job interview

Many of us mistakenly assume that having a good resume, or excellent work experience or skills is enough to help us through the interview process. We often do not pay much attention to the non verbal signals generated by our body during the whole process of our interaction i.e. our body language. It is most often, our unconscious body language which will impress people on the meeting and determine the fate of the job hunt.

Hence, it is very critical …

By Jacey Johnson
Jacey Johnson
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What Professional Conferences are Like

Going to specific conferences are a helpful way of understanding an industry that may peek your interest, and direct you to a job or company that you love. I had great luck with winning two tickets to 451 Marketing’s second annual DigiRevCon. The conference was about the digital revolution and how marketers have become essential in the changing environment. The conference was a great chance to see what different businesses have been doing to improve interactions with their consumers.

The …

By Olivia Prentiss
Olivia Prentiss
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Ten best part time jobs for students in the US

Part time employment opportunities for students in the US are difficult to obtain, whether it is on campus or off campus. Some reasons include the following:

Greater your academic grades and achievement, higher your chances of your getting a part time job. This raises the bar for candidates of average abilities.
It does not provide sufficient funds to sustain education costs.
Off campus jobs require adherence to strict governmental regulations via the US immigration and naturalization service.

For the student …

By Sally Yolanda
Sally Yolanda
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How Learning New Languages Can Help in Your Career

Being successful is always a challenge, goal or even a dream for a person. But as every dream, it is not easily achieved. Unfortunately we cannot all be gifted singers, actors, and sports athletes or possess some other talent that ensures us a place between the rich and famous. Very often we have to work hard to achieve the dreamed success, position and status. We must have diplomas, certificates, experience, right connections, we also have to work hard and prove …

By Ben Russel
Ben Russel
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