A Hidden Gem – Free Interview Prep On LinkedIn

Do interviews make you nervous? Do you feel you need to prepare more for interviews? Are you comfortable with answering common or industry specific questions? Regardless of how you answer, we always recommend using different tools to practice and hone your interview skills. Career coaches, professionals, your peers, AI tools such as BigInterview and ChatGPT are helpful. In addition to those options, I want to introduce you to the free interview prep feature on LinkedIn. This function allows a user to practice answering common question and specific questions in business functions such as accounting, marketing, sales, investment banking, technology and more. After a user completes a practice session they will receive instant feedback rating the interviewee on multiple categories including how warm you were in your delivery of your answers, which employers pay attention to.

When in LinkedIn you can access the interview prep function under the jobs tab. When on the jobs home page you’ll see a menu on the left with the options of my jobs, preference, interview prep and job seeker guidance.

From here you will click on Interview prep. The next page will default to common questions. However, the user can access the business function questions by clicking on the blue categories button at the top of the question list.

So if you want to use a new tool for your interview prep and be evaluated on multiple parts of your answers I highly suggest checking this out.

By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center