The Benefits of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn needs no introduction for college students. But what exactly is LinkedIn Learning? LinkedIn Learning is the networking site’s online training platform, with over 6000 courses in numerous areas and topics. Accessing LinkedIn Learning is also relatively easy if you own a LinkedIn account. However, what makes LinkedIn Learning stand out with the plethora of online course sites booming today?


LinkedIn Learning is easy to use and navigate, being an easily accessible site on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The courses take no more than three seconds to register for, and all units are compressed into small videos that are easily consumable for people who are always on the go. In addition, you can go through the lessons as often as you want and rewatch any videos you may need to keep moving forward.

Catered to You

Similarly to other social media platforms, LinkedIn Learning will recommend courses based on your information on LinkedIn and topics it believes are in your best interest. The classes are also on demand and offer plenty of flexibility for completion, which, as college students, having even more deadlines is the last thing we want more of. Luckily, LinkedIn Learning courses’ asynchronous model allows plenty of time stretches and slower-paced learning for people needing more time to complete models.


Sixteen thousand courses are a challenging feat! An even more impressive feat is when these courses are on various subjects in different fields. LinkedIn Learning has both of these advantages, with their courses covering various topics like business, software development, animation, and even self-care. Another good thing about LinkedIn Learning is that each subject offers courses based on your skill level so that you can choose from every course with a beginner, intermediate, and complicated level. When you complete a course in one skill level, you can always level up and continue improving your skills if you want to.

LinkedIn Connection

Since this is LinkedIn’s platform, integrating the courses you take and your LinkedIn profile is practically seamless. From a career standpoint, this is a great way to show companies that you are interested in your field and committed to learning new things. It’ll also show them you spend time wisely and take courses relevant to your aspirations, which is a great first impression.

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié