How to Put your Best Foot Forward at the Career Fair

It’s that time of the semester when the recruitment season is heating up. The Fall 2022 Career Fair is taking place next week, September 28th, from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the Bentley Arena. We want all Falcons to come prepared and ready to showcase their strengths to employers. So, keep on reading to learn how to put your best foot forward at the Career Fair!

  1. Do your Research

Before coming to the Career Fair, it is important to look up the companies that will be there. Pick out a few that you are interested in and do some research on them. That might be seeing what their employee work-life balance is like, what their values are, or simply what the company does. When you get face-to-face with a recruiter, you are going to want to keep the conversation flowing. If you know what the company does and can say you looked at their website with facts to back it up, the recruiter will be more likely to remember you.

When you are researching the company, also think of questions you can ask the recruiters. If you can think of specific questions that can only be gathered from the website, you will stand out amongst your peers. This will also help to stimulate a conversation that flows.

Check out the list of companies that will be at the Career Fair here.

  1. Be Prepared

Make sure to have your resume up to date as well as your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters may ask for your resume and you will want to be able to either have it on hand or send it to them right after your conversation. On average, recruiters only look at your resume for six to seven seconds. So, you are going to want to make sure that your resume is perfect! How can you do that? Attend the virtual Career Fair prep session tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Here, you can make sure your resume format is correct and that it all flows cohesively. Click here to learn more about the prep session.

After talking with the recruiters, you will want to connect with them and the perfect way to do that is to send a LinkedIn invitation. Having your LinkedIn up to date is important as recruiters will most likely view your profile after your conversation. Again, you can make sure your LinkedIn is stellar by attending the Career Fair prep session on Wednesday, September 21st.

  1. Following Up

Once you have your fabulous conversation with the recruiter, you’re going to want to follow up with them. You can do this by connecting with them on LinkedIn, sending a follow-up email, or by sending a message through Handshake. In this follow-up message, you will want to thank them for their time as well as add a specific point you talked about. This way, it will show that you took the conversation seriously and that you are a detail-oriented person.

My last tip for putting your best foot forward at the Career Fair is to have fun with it! After all, recruiters are just people who want to have a conversation that allows them to get to know you. If you follow these steps above and take the time to prepare, you will secure that interview or even job!

By Madelyn Weiss
Madelyn Weiss Creative Blog Curator