How To Show Your Passion(s):

Passion is something that you want to display – whether you’re still a student, preparing to go into the corporate world, or working on another professional or personal project! Passion is important whether you are trying to change the world or start your own business. Passion is how people succeed. Here are 3 ways to show that you are passionate!

  1. Align your interests!
    1. Make sure that your values and passions are working alongside together and that there are few contradictions. For example, if you are very passionate about sustainability, do not be showing off hauls of fast fashion clothing. Additionally, make sure that you are doing all that you can to achieve your goals and work with those interests (such as finding a job at a sustainable company or a non-profit).
  2. Join groups with like-minded individuals, whether on-campus or employee groups.
    1. There are so many clubs at Bentley to take advantage of! If you are passionate about sports or spending time in the outdoors, there are many outlets for you to be able to do that on campus alone! Intramurals and clubs are here for you to take advantage of, but there are also many organizations in the Greater Waltham Area or even near Boston that you could explore. This could help you meet people who have the same goals as you and expand your network! Especially when you are working, keep an eye out for employee groups that you can join as well!
  3. Post or write about your experiences, failures, or successes via blogging or platforms like LinkedIn.
    1. Posting about your experiences can help you keep a record or journal about what you’ve achieved as far as your passions go. It also puts your interests and passions on display and gives individuals a way to connect with you. Who knows? A passion project could turn into a full-time job with the power of social media today if the right people see it!
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator