5 Ways To Facilitate A Meeting

As Bentley students and beyond, you will be expected to act as leaders in academic and corporate environments. Below are 5 ways to better facilitate a meeting!

  1. Create a safe space!
    1. Make sure that boundaries, rules, and expectations are set either before or right at the beginning of an initial meeting. Whether that’s done verbally or using a written contract, it is important to ensure everyone at the meeting is comfortable and on the same page. It will make meeting objectives a lot, a lot easier.
  2. Introduce! 
    1. Conduct quick introductions or reintroductions and break the ice by quickly discussing the point of your meeting and the things you hope to get accomplished together. 
  3. Explain the timeline.
    1. Set timelines for both the meeting, even if the end time is on the calendar invite, and the actual project. Explain to meeting attendees how much more time and effort they will need to put into the project and set due dates for future deliverables as you go along. 
  4. Formally or informally assign roles.
    1. Have someone take responsibility for setting up future meetings, even if that person is yourself. Additionally, make sure that people feel fulfilled with the tasks that they have been given (ensure that people’s talents and skills are taken into consideration).
  5. Give everyone the chance to speak up.
    1. If you have successfully made the meeting a safe space for the flow of ideas, make sure to individually prompt each participant (within smaller meetings) to speak up and contribute.
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator