Benefits Of Regularly Checking Handshake

Handshake, Bentley’s hub for applying to jobs and messaging back recruiters, is a fantastic resource that everyone should be using. Below are some benefits that students can immediately experience from utilizing the platform regularly. 

  • Leave a good impression on employers!
    • By messaging back employers quickly, you might be able to secure a future position at your dream company. Not waiting too long to respond conveys interest!
  • Find incredible work opportunities. 
    • Handshake is constantly updating jobs and also recommending them based on your interests since your account is refined to what you want to see. There’s often even a way to “Quick Apply”!
  • Explore exclusive networking events.
    • You will gain access to networking events via both what Handshake offers as well as recruiter messages. Don’t miss out!
  • Access Bentley-only resources.
    • Scheduling time with the Career Coaches is easy on Handshake! Additionally, there are constantly published and updated resources on there, such as DEI guides, employee ratings, and much more.
  • Become your best, most professional self!
    • Utilizing Handshake is one way that you can take a glimpse into the corporate world. Get accustomed to professional research and responsibilities – it can only help you improve!
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator