Working While In School: Benefits of a Part-Time Job or Internship

Academics in college are challenging and there is always something to be doing. While there’s not typically an abundance of free time while at Bentley, getting a part-time job or internship during the academic semester can be extremely beneficial for you and your professional development for many reasons. So why work while in school?

  1. It proves you can manage your time!
    1. Employers know that you are busy, so having a part-time job or internship on top of everything else you’re doing at school during the semester is very impressive. It shows that you know how to prioritize tasks and spend your time wisely.
  2. It gives you experience (and shows that you value learning skills).
    1. Even if your part-time job or internship isn’t in the field that you want to work in post-grad, employers appreciate candidates who value learning skills. Employers won’t look down on you for any position you may hold. In fact, so many different jobs can teach soft skills and develop your professional personality, which is something that employers can’t coach or teach you. Bonus points if your part-time job or internship DOES teach you technical skills that you may need post-grad, though!
  3. It can help you figure out what you DON’T want to do.
    1. A lot of people look into part-time jobs or internships because they want to figure out their future dream position or career path. However, these work opportunities can be just as helpful and integral in figuring out what you don’t want to do out of college. Because these jobs can be semester-long commitments, you can decide that you don’t enjoy a role or a function and choose other opportunities in the future. It can be a really helpful and good use of your undergraduate time to do some trial-and-error!
  4. Many positions are paid!
    1. Money is great and paydays are excellent. Most part-time jobs and internships you can find are paid, which can also teach you financial responsibility and give you some independence!
  5. It can build up your network.
    1. Every single job you have will give you an opportunity to meet colleagues. Even if the part-time job or internship isn’t your career endgame, the people that you meet and form connections with may be the key to your next job opportunity.
  6. Finally, it can bridge together your academics with hands-on and real-life examples, enhancing your academic performance!
    1. Many work opportunities will be able to connect your academic lessons to your daily tasks, which will inherently help you remember the material and get better grades! It can be a win-win. A lot of students think that working while studying can hurt your grades when in reality, it can often enhance your classroom learning and make your studying more efficient. 
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova