Best Ways and Times to Check CareerEdge

You already know you should be taking some time during your week to read the CareerEdge blogs. This is so that you get crucial updates about what is happening on Bentley’s campus as well as within industries. However, there is so much more to explore on CareerEdge. CareerEdge is constantly getting updated, but how often do you really need to check in on CareerEdge to maximize your benefits but optimize your time?

The answer: once or twice a week is all you really need. Take a CareerEdge break of about 20-30 minutes and explore. Here are some tips for how to make sure your time is well spent.

  • Check-in once at the beginning of the week and once at the end.
    • There are typically two drops of #Hired posts (usually on Monday and Thursday), so if you want to stay updated with career news regarding your peers, it’s good to check twice a week!
  • Events typically happen midweek. 
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all huge event days and you can get exposure to a lot of different firms by checking in with CareerEdge once a week and noting when interesting events seem to be coming up.
  • Spend some time surfing your career community.
    • There are updates to each career community at least once a week, if not more. Definitely spend some time focusing on finding new jobs within your dream industries and companies.
  • There are always new, featured jobs!
    • There are always awesome jobs to apply for if you’re interested in finding an internship or full-time position. Don’t miss out on application due dates because you’re not checking in with CareerEdge enough! 

By finding your way to CareerEdge at least once or twice a week (by either clicking on your email alerts from the Pulsifer Career Development Center or searching up the website manually), you are certain to get knowledge and insights that’ll land you that next great work opportunity. Additionally, from the CareerEdge site, you can navigate to other resources, such as Handshake, and continue with your professional development!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova