An Interview With Wonder Studios Founder

Bentley students are incredible and not only because of their academic drive and work ethic! In fact, Falcons have been starting their own businesses and creatively using their talents. Bentley student and entrepreneur Peyton Gadaire recently created Wonder Studios, a clothing brand that many Bentley students are familiar with and consistently wear. Her love for fashion is particularly inspiring. Read on to hear what she has to say about owning her own business and how that connects to her long-term career plan!

Peyton’s major is Marketing and her minor is Information Design and Corporate Communications. She is currently a senior and she is graduating in December 2021. Post-graduation, she will be joining The Estée Lauder Companies as a Marketing Coordinator for Bobbi Brown and Bumble & Bumble (congratulations Peyton!). 

Let’s talk a little about Wonder Studios! Wonder Studios is based in New York and was founded in 2020. Wonder Studios is all about self-expression through quality fashion pieces. Check out the current collection on the Wonder Studios website and make sure to read this interview. It was so fun to ask Peyton some questions about her business!


Why did you start Wonder Studios and what was your inspiration behind the company?

“Fashion and art have always been a passion of mine because I have always seen it as a form of self-expression. Starting a clothing company was something that always felt like something that was never attainable for me due to fear of judgement and lack of knowledge on how to really start. I created Wonder in February of 2020 in my Forest suite. I made the logo, all the initial pieces for my first drop, and did all the processing and handling from my tiny room.”

Peyton also mentions that Alice in Wonderland was really incredibly influential during the development of her brand, as the value of embracing weirdness and curiosity resonates with her. For her, Wonder Studios is a creative outlet.


What skills did attending Bentley University provide you that helped start Wonder Studios?

“My marketing classes have been a huge help to me throughout this process. Consumer behavior as well as marketing research really helped me understand shopping from the perspective of a customer’s psychographics and what we as consumers gravitate towards that we may not even realize.”

Additionally, GB112 and GB212 helped Peyton learn fundamental financial concepts that she still uses with the planning and spreadsheets of her clothing drops and other overhead costs.


What are some difficult aspects of starting a new business that you may have not thought of before  becoming an entrepreneur?

“Every day is truly a learning experience, especially at the beginning. I was really naïve at how much work and time truly goes into a business, especially when starting up. Things like legal aspects, website design, manufacturing contracts, and other factors you learn along the way with dealing with multiple people that wouldn’t even cross your mind until it happens. The most surprising aspect that I have found during my journey with Wonder Studios is how I have developed so many strong relationships with so many of my customers, some I have known for a while, and some I have never even met that live across the country. A big thing for me is giving back to my customers and knowing how much I appreciate them, so I usually try and send something a little extra along with their order. Receiving messages of gratitude from them is so rewarding to me and it’s funny because in reality it is I who can’t thank them enough.”


Has Wonder Studios come up during interviews for other work opportunities? 

Peyton mentions that Wonder Studios “has definitely been the most consistent interview topic [she has] had [and] that [she has] never gotten a specific question about what it is or what it entails.” Typically, it’s more open-ended and she is able to give her pitch on when she started the company, how she started it, and what it stands for. Something that Peyton is extremely passionate about is the issue of poor treatment of fashion industry supply chain workers, which is something she has tried to fight by creating her brand based on awareness surrounding that global problem. She discusses this passion in interviews often.


What are you most passionate about when it comes to Wonder Studios?

“My customers and the awareness it brings to sustainable and ethical fashion.”


What skills did you already have from Wonder Studios that have helped you during internships?

“Wonder Studios has helped me so much with Microsoft Excel. A lot of my internship work has been with Excel, especially when I was with Estée this past summer, working with Jo Malone. I have also learned how and where to source certain items and how to negotiate and communicate with various vendors. I have had a lot of trial and error in regards to manufacturers so being able to keep a professional attitude while being able to develop strong relationships for future business endeavors has helped.”


What is the most challenging part of managing your own clothing business, whether it’s finances or dropping new lines?

“To be honest, I truly love running Wonder Studios. From the design process to the shipping process. I am very hands on with pretty much all aspects of Wonder, except for the actual manufacturing of the clothes. The most challenging part for me has been being able to know that not all days will be good days. Being able to have patience and still keep a positive mindset is very important. At the end of the day, I am so proud of Wonder and I wouldn’t put out anything I wouldn’t wear myself quality-wise so I truly take it so seriously.” 


The fashion industry has different demands every single day and changing trends are something that Peyton has to watch out for. However, it’s clear that she is so involved in her brand because she truly enjoys what she does. Peyton balances her many responsibilities like other work opportunities and academics alongside Wonder Studios by having everything planned out, including a very detailed schedule. When asked about her favorite part of managing Wonder Studios, Peyton mentions that “having something to call [her] own and also seeing people wearing [her] pieces as [she] is walking by” is truly the most special part of the experience for her.

Peyton even shared some exclusive information with us regarding her fall line, which will include her favorite designs to date and a brand new fabric. Get excited! Starting a business is such an impressive feat and if you have any other questions for Peyton, make sure to ask her about Wonder the next time you see her on campus!


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova