5 Things To Not Include On Your Resume

When the topic of resumes gets brought up, it’s usually regarding what you should be putting on your resume. However, there are a few red flags that go off to recruiters about certain resume components when you include them, that could hurt you more than helping you when looking for a job. Use your best judgment and when in doubt, come in and talk to a Career Coach at the Pulsifer Career Development Center! Here are five things that (generally) are not appealing to recruiters or hiring managers:

  • An Objective Statement
    • Although there’s a way to create a good resume objective if you absolutely want or need one, they are generally regarded as unnecessary. Additionally, as you must tailor the resume objective to every specific position you apply for, it is probably just not worth your time. There are many better ways to use up your one-page of resume space.
  • Hobby And Interest Details
    • Everyone loves a good (short) hobbies and interests section if that is something that you want to show off on your resume. However, having your hobbies and interests take up too much space or giving unnecessary details in this section could look like you are just trying to fill up your resume.
  • Courses Or Jobs That Are Not Relevant
    • Your resume should prove that you have the correct qualifications for the positions that you are applying for. Including coursework or other experiences that are either not relevant or you have not held for long may look like you don’t have anything better to add.
  • References
    • There’s no reason to mention references on your resume. If the company requests them, it’s implied that you will provide them in a separate document.
  • High School Information
    • Unless you did something extremely impressive or unique with your high school experience, focus on your Bentley experience, major, and anticipated graduation date in your education section!
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova