Snag That Big Four Opportunity!

The Big Four: KPMG, PwC, EY, and Deloitte. These four amazing professional services firms employ many Bentley graduates year after year. No matter what aspect of business you are interested in, there is likely a niche opportunity within a Big Four firm for you. Big Four internships and job opportunities provide structured programs that teach you a variety of important skills, expose you to new parts of business, help you build your network by meeting so many new professionals, offer competitive pay, and so much more. If that sounds good to you, here are some ways to differentiate yourself from other candidates and secure your Big Four offer.

  1. Decide on your application tactics. Some individuals apply to all four Big Four firms and choose to submit a variety of applications for different roles within each firm. Some people specifically choose a line of service (i.e. audit) and apply to all four Big Four. Sometimes, if you know what firm you want to work for specifically or have been to recruiting events in the past, you can just apply for a role or multiple roles within just one of the Big Four. Any of these strategies can be effective. It’s just helpful to think ahead of time about what you want to do in order to spend your scarce time efficiently. 
  2. Research each Big Four and know distinct facts about each. If you are going the route of applying to multiple Big Four firms, you will want to make sure that you know the strengths of each one and exactly why you would want a job there. While PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, and EY are definitely similar in the kinds of work they do and in other certain respects, they are different entities with their own cultures and specific work processes.
  3. Be friendly and approachable! Be yourself. A lot of employers really care about the personal connection made during an interview or recruiting event. Especially within the Big Four, there is usually an emphasis on training you how to do the work, which means the one non-negotiable component of you is… your personality! When employers meet you, they are looking to see whether they would enjoy working with you if you were hired. Therefore, definitely make an effort to develop a strong connection right off the bat and be your personable self. 
  4. Attend at least one or multiple recruiting events before applying or interviewing. Employers look for your interest, which they can gauge from your attendance to the events they put on. Big Four events are happening all the time and whether virtual or in-person, they are amazing ways to get your name out there. Keep checking the CareerEdge events page and attend one or several to increase your chances of getting an offer.
  5. Finally, use your network and make some calls. Reach out to people who have or had a Big Four internship or job and talk to them about their experience. Most Bentley graduates would love to talk to you, and there are SO many people that work at a Big Four post-grad! This is for your own sake as a professional to figure out what you would be interested in doing, but also to potentially express more interest and build a support system within the Big Four before you even join.
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova