Soft Skills Are SO Important

Wherever your career goals take you, you need to focus on developing soft skills. Soft skills are important no matter what industry or role you want to pursue. Soft skills are those that are not related to your specific job function but still need to be developed and practiced. Why? Well, when you are approaching entry-level positions or student opportunities like internships, many employers don’t even care about your technical or “hard” skills. 

This is because as you are just starting a new job, you are usually not expected to have skills beyond an understanding of the business or your previous coursework. Oftentimes, soft skills are what get you that opportunity, because soft skills are extremely hard to teach to someone and take years to develop. Most companies do not want to spend time teaching you skills that you have already worked on as a college student, so let’s get into the most important soft skills to have.

  • Communication
    • Communicating effectively is so important. This is a skill that we can all continuously improve, whether in our personal or professional lives. Employers are not mind-readers, they need to know what is happening with your work, such as updates on progress, as well as anything that is going on in your personal life.
  • Ability To Work With Others
    • No matter what field you are working in or even if you decide to own your own business, you will need to effectively work with others (colleagues, clients, suppliers). It’s crucial to be able to not only work with others but develop relationships and maybe even look for mentorship along the way! Good thing Bentley has so many group projects to work on this important skill!
  • Consistent Hard Work
    • At any job, there has to be a focus on working hard. An effort is appreciated, if not expected, in every position. Having a strong work ethic is an invaluable part of a good employee’s character and will signal to employers that you are an irreplaceable part of the team.
  • Being Coachable
    • Coachability is a huge part of the corporate environment. Being committed to long-term learning isn’t just for the company you work for, it’s for you! Being coachable means you will be able to approach unknown or difficult situations with less stress by having the mindset of “yeah, I can learn how to do that” rather than being stuck in old ways. Additionally, by being coachable and appreciating being taught new things, you are gaining hard technical skills that will help you move up or move on in your career!

There are far more soft skills that we could discuss. Being creative, having a positive attitude… the list goes on and on! Read about some more soft skills!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova