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MTFC Virtual Internship
2021-22 Challenge

Program Overview
The Modeling the Future Challenge (MTFC) is an academic competition from The Actuarial Foundation, managed by the Institute of Competition Sciences, in which high school students analyze data, create models of future change, characterize risks, and make recommendations on how organizations should best adapt those risks. Currently virtual, the Modeling the Future Symposium is held each spring to bring the top teams together and present to a live panel of actuarial judges. Each year the Challenge awards over $55,000 in college scholarships to
high school students. See for more information about the competition.

The goals of the MTFC are three-fold:
1. Increase the number of high school students interested in and excited by mathematical modeling and
actuarial science.
2. Increase the number of high school students interested in pursuing careers as actuaries.
3. Increase the number of high school educators using real-world math modeling and actuarial science in
their classrooms.

Position Summary
Modeling the Future Challenge Interns will play a pivotal role in supporting the operations of this educational experience for hundreds of high school students. The internship begins in late November and concludes at the end of March. Through this internship junior or senior level college students within an actuarial or related mathematics major or minor will join the management team for the 2021-22 MTFC to assist in the coordination of the judging review process. Interns will be involved in scoring the Scenario Responses submitted by high school teams for Phase 1 of the competition, and will also support coordination of the volunteer judging committee reviewing the Projects submitted during Phase 2 of the competition.

Duties & Responsibilities
● Participate in rubric training meetings prior to review of the Phase 1 Scenarios (late Nov / early Dec).
● Review Phase 1 Scenario responses from high school teams and score them based on a provided rubric
(early / mid Dec).
● Support Judge Training Workshops (Jan 2022).
● Participate in the Screening Round of the project review process.
● Support coordination of the Judging Round of the Project review process.

Expected Monthly Hours & Tasks
● Internship introduction ~2 hours in November
● Rubric training ~4 hours in November/December
● Scenario Review Support ~20 hours December 3 – 12
● Judge Training Workshop support ~8 hours in January / February
● Project Phase Screening Round support ~10 hours March 11 – 18
● Judging Round coordination support ~ 6 hours March 19-30

Compensation & Benefits
Interns will be compensated with a $1,000 stipend upon completion of the internship program at the end of March 2021. Interns will also receive benefits of future college recommendations, volunteer hours with a not-for-profit organization, and career networking opportunities with actuaries from The Actuarial Foundation and our program volunteers.

● Deadline to apply: October 28th, 2021,
● Interview + acceptance: November 11th, 2021
● Timeframe of work: November 12th, 2021 – March 30th, 2022

● Students must be Junior or Senior level university students.
● Students must be in an actuarial or related mathematics major/minor.
● Involvement in similar educational projects in the past is favorable, though it is not a requirement.

Application Process
To apply for this internship email copies of the following documents as PDF attachments to
1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae – including actuarial and statistics/probability related coursework.
2. Cover letter – a 1 to 2 page letter describing any experience with academic competitions,
judging/evaluation processes of similar programs, your interests in this internship, your interest in the
actuarial or mathematical professions, and any other relevant information on why you would be the best
candidate for this internship supporting the MTF Challenge and the actuarial profession.
3. Recommendation – one single-page recommendation letter from a professor, mentor, or advisor
indicating your qualifications and skills in actuarial science, data science, statistics/probability, and
program coordination.

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By Melissa J. Sawyer
Melissa J. Sawyer Senior Associate Director/Operations Manager, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Melissa J. Sawyer