Best Locations at Bentley to Focus on Applying to Jobs!

As far as your Bentley coursework goes, it’s true that a change in scenery can definitely help achieve that laser focus. Do the same thing when you’re applying to jobs! Now that we have established that job applications do not have to take forever, there are so many great places on-campus to buckle down and apply.


  • The Library!
    • Definitely go to the library for some quiet time. Sit in a comfy chair or maybe grab some food and a high-top at Einstein’s. If you need to limit distractions, the library is arguably the best place on campus to make sure that nobody bothers you.
  • La Cava!
    • Get a booth or sit at a table and get down to those applications. You might see a few of your friends at La Cava, so it’s definitely not a distraction-free atmosphere, but that can be fun and keep you motivated to continue applying. Maybe even meet up with some people and spend time individually applying to jobs together. Talk about an oxymoron!
    • Another huge plus of La Cava is the proximity to food and sustenance if you need it!
  • The Greenspace!
    • Get a blanket or a towel and bring your laptop down to the greenspace on a beautiful, warmish day before winter comes. The greenspace is so fun and there’s a ton of benches and picnic tables around if you want actual seating. The Wi-Fi is also usually pretty strong and is unlikely to give out on you mid-application.
  • Currito!
    • Currito has awesome food, but it’s also a great environment for homework… and job applications. Sit at a table and get those applications in! Reward yourself with a smoothie or burrito after for a job well done.


If applying to jobs is not something that you’re excited to do, try doing it somewhere other than your dorm room! Make it fun and exciting by visiting some places on-campus or even doing it with friends.

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova