Entrepreneur.com – Another Resource Available to you

Many students have an aspiration to start their own venture, want to work independently or already have started their business.  Regardless of where your are in the process you may want to know where to start or how to keep your business fresh, trending and of course viable.  For those craving more information on this topic, there is a comprehensive, trendy magazine and website with an abundance of information for entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneur magazine and Entrepreneur.com has been around for years.  However, it’s not something I commonly hear students talk about or event know about.  If you are already subscribing to this news source, I applaud you.  For those who didn’t know about this site/publication I encourage you to check it out.  This site hosts videos, events, articles, blog posts, franchise information and much much more.  Subscription rates to their website are just $5 a month.  The fee offers subscribers exclusive access for business launching ideas, best practices and strategies for growing a business.

By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center Paul Stanish