Take Your Virtual Interviews From… Where?

As Bentley students are interviewing more (recruiting season for many majors is full-steam ahead!), it’s important to have quiet, well-lit places to take your video and phone interviews from! Aside from more obvious places like your residential dorm or lounge, here are my top picks for places on campus to take video interviews from.

  1. The PCDC. 
    1. The Pulsifer Career Development Center is open and more than happy to let you use an empty room in the center for an interview. We are here for students, just stop in or give the PCDC a call to make sure that a room can be given to you during your interview day and time.
    2. This is a great option because nobody will bother you and you get to see some of the awesome coaches! Win-win!
  2. Grab a friend and book a library study room!
    1. Although you can’t book a study room as a lone individual, you can ask a friend to come up with you and quietly read or do homework as you conduct your interview. 
    2. If you’re not comfortable with having your friend observe your interview, you could always ask him or her to step out for the duration.
  3. An empty classroom!
    1. An empty classroom could work and is a great way to utilize space on campus. It’s not guaranteed to be distraction-free, but because Bentley students are accustomed to the class schedules and when classes happen, it is easy to predict how long a room will be unoccupied.


If you’re still struggling to find a place to take your video or phone interview from (or worried about having interruptions in your own dorm, for example), ask friends if I could use their room for the duration of my interview. Having a room with a door and a lock is really comforting for interviews! 

There are also plenty of nice places outside to sit – but you might want to save those for phone interviews only! That’s because the lighting is inconsistent outside and distractions are even harder to avoid. My personal favorites are the tables by the Adamian stairs and the picnic tables behind Collins. Happy Interviewing!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova