Get a Job in Fintech!

Fintech is an exciting field to go into. The combination of finance and technology in these roles allows many individuals to make a difference in the financial landscape, which is rapidly changing! As more companies incorporate smartphone banking and cryptocurrency into their financial services, Fintech careers will become more popular and relevant than ever before. To learn more about the developing Fintech industry, watch this TedTalk.

We have many resources on CareerEdge to help you get a job in this ever-changing industry. Head on over to Technology Career Community and use the new interactive interface. Using the toolbar shown in the picture below, you can check out some news related to tech jobs, find and apply to featured jobs, view featured videos, look at Vault and career/industry guides, and find relevant events!

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By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center