How Bentley’s Summer Trimester Helps Your Career

Bentley’s offer of a free semester of undergraduate classes for the summer has been an innovative solution to the problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused for many students. Digital learning, among personal issues, has made this past year hard on everybody, but being able to take classes during the summer, either alone or alongside an internship, has several exciting career benefits.

One way that Bentley’s summer trimester schedule can help your career is by allowing you to put more relevant coursework into your resume. Fitting in some new, exciting, and interesting courses into your schedule was a great way to learn material that you will need post-grad, or material that you are simply passionate about. If you completed an interesting or difficult class this summer, add it to your resume or make sure to discuss it during interviews.

The option to take summer classes has allowed students to plan the speed of their education based on their personal goals. For many students, it has opened up the possibility of early graduation or being able to fulfill CPA requirements without a 5th year. At the very least, this option, even if you took one class, had the potential to increase the flexibility in your schedule in later semesters, (such as taking one or two fewer classes later on) which opens up time in future semesters for you to apply to jobs, have more interviews, attend more events, pursue other passions, and read more of these blogs on CareerEdge to up your professional development!

Finally, the summer trimester might be able to help you take some positivity away from this year. The pandemic has made the last year very difficult – many students’ internship offers were rescinded and the transition to online schooling was a challenge, but nevertheless, we persevered. If you did not intern this summer – this summer’s class option allowed you to still spend your time very productively. The several bonuses previously discussed in the blog regarding the summer classes might not be immediate life-changing benefits, but they can help you and your career in big ways. COVID-19 is something that nobody could have fixed quickly, but our school having this great option is a reason to take a deep breath and try to feel slightly better.

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator