How To Ask For More (Or Less) Responsibilities This Summer

Growing both personally and professionally should be a core goal for any internship or job. If you feel that you were given a workload that is too big or too small and it is hindering your success, it is important to speak with your manager. Transparency is the key to success within any position or company.

If you feel that you have not been given an optimal workload, it is important to be as communicative with your manager as possible. There is a strong chance that they might not even realize the volume of work you have been assigned—especially if you are working on numerous teams.

A conversation asking for additional responsibilities shows that you are hardworking and are able to take initiative to help drive the business forward. Additionally, by asking for more responsibilities outside of your scope can have a better understanding of various roles and a more comprehensive view of the company. Check out last week’s blog for more specifics on how to effectively do this.

When asking for fewer responsibilities, you are showing that you are honest and also a team player. Through your honesty, you are able to show your manager that you are able to put your pride aside and take initiative in the team’s best interest.

Both of these conversations can be difficult to have, but it is important to discuss these topics with your manager to ensure that you are contributing to the team in a genuine way.

By Nathan Tombo
Nathan Tombo Structured Content Creator Nathan Tombo