Resume Introduction & Building Skills

Most Bentley students know what a resume is, but there are different ways to think about the document, which can give you a creative advantage as you create yours!


So, what’s a resume?

  • A resume is a story that can get you hired.
  • It must be true and include your best, most impressive achievements.
  • The document is important and ever-changing.
  • Most importantly, it is often your first impression.
  • A solid & neat resume is the most powerful career tool you have.


A resume is, in many people’s opinion, more important than fantastic interview skills. Why? Well, you definitely want to have both, but without a great resume, you may not get pushed up to the next level or get a chance to interview.


In order to build a resume, you need to know the 4 resume requirements, no matter who you are or what your major is:

  1. Logical sections and the document is aesthetically pleasing 
  2. No formatting errors, spelling mistakes, or issues that can make an individual question your professionalism
  3. Shows how you have added value through action words & unique experiences
  4. Not over 1 page


As long as you follow these rules, as well as keep in mind some of the resume categories you should have, you are all set to develop an awesome resume.

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova