5 Falcon-Only Advantages

Whether you’re taking classes or interning (or both or neither) this summer, it’s important to always think about the best way to present your education to an employer. You want to be able to articulate not only the reasons that you chose Bentley but also how Bentley has helped you reach your academic and professional goals. This isn’t just a way to show pride in your school… Bentley has a good reputation for many reasons, so you might as well use that to your advantage when talking with employers. Employers are asking this question to understand what you value in an organization, so consider tailoring your answer to reflect the company you’re interviewing for. Playing up Bentley’s strengths will let your own confidence as a current student or newly-graduated alumni shine through, but will also keep the Bentley name strong for years to come, making your degree even stronger and more impressive!


Here are 5 Bentley-exclusive advantages. 


  • Business-oriented thinking and culture. 
    • Coming out of just any school as a business major is impressive, but spending 4+ years at an institution where almost every student is geared toward business in some way shows a new level of commitment and understanding. What does this mean? Well, you’ve had a lot more experience with business-related topics, casual conversations, and have been internally turned toward thinking with a business mindset, which is something that you can discuss with an employer to show a niche advantage that most candidates cannot boast about. 
  • Post-grad placements and career development.
    • Bentley’s graduation placements are amazing. It’s so important to know that your college degree not only increases your knowledge but also that it proves to be an investment for you in the future. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Bentley’s Class of 2020 had a placement rate of 98%! Amazing work, Falcons!
  • Smaller class sizes and opportunities for group projects.
    • Bentley’s small class sizes and the opportunity to truly collaborate with your peers in the form of many group projects throughout your college career is something that not many universities can offer and brag about! The rigorous group projects that students are required to complete, in particular, not only ensure that every student masters the subject matter, but that students are able to collaborate and build relationships with peers on campus, improving their teamwork.
  • Achieving, innovative, and entrepreneurial peers.
    • Falcons are leaders. Chances are, you know people on campus who have their own businesses, started their own clubs, or are just excelling in many areas (academics, athletics, and more). This is because Bentley students are so determined to be successful, and being surrounded by these people during your four years of college is undoubtedly an advantage for your future.
  • Social balance and networking practice.
    • Play Hard & Work Hard truly come together on Bentley’s campus. Students know how to excel academically, within their extracurriculars, and within their careers, while simultaneously having fun, fulfilled social lives. Whether it’s the tight-knit feel and welcoming community of Bentley’s campus or the high-achieving, well-rounded personalities of the students that choose to come here, we might never know!
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova