Start Off Strong in Every Aspect of Your Life & Why

Starting off really strong is so important. This means bringing good energy and being optimistic & enthusiastic, whether it relates to academics, personal life developments, professional opportunities, and more. Starting off strong does not mean always having great days, but if you start off by being excellent, it can certainly give you more wiggle room in the future if things start to fall apart or not go as planned. 

Think about it like a particularly hard class. If you start off early by taking good notes, getting high marks on your early assignments, and even getting a great grade on a midterm or two, you can alleviate some of the end-of-semester stress. For example, you can avoid those websites that give you the score you must achieve on your final to get a particular grade in the class, which is always a plus. Additionally, if you start off your job or internship as an ideal employee who shows up to work on time and provides outstanding work, people will be a lot more understanding if you have to miss a day or deadline occasionally, since they have an idea of you being a top-notch employee. Aside from these examples, here are some other reasons to start off strong, no matter what you’re doing:

  • Build up confidence.
    • If you start off strong and get good results, you’re more likely to feel confident and want to keep going.
  • For long-term projects, classes, jobs, goals, it’s almost always easier to start strong, when the ideas and the motivation is fresh.
    • We’ve all been there. Burnout is real when you spend enough time on something. The more time you spend looking at the same, old thing, the more likely you are to lose that determination, so when the goal is new and exciting is truly the best time to start off strong.
  • Increased likelihood you can finish strong.
    • Reaching a slump in the middle of the project, semester, job task, etc. can be tough, but having excellence at the beginning can make you remember that you truly can do it (because you have in the past) and allow you to go back into working with strength.
  • It looks good.
    • Determination and success looks good on anyone, and if you’re motivated, you might motivate and inspire others to keep up the good work. As previously mentioned, starting off strong gives you a chance to make an amazing first impression that can give you perks later on. 

Those are just a few of the reasons to start off strong, but here’s a blog on 5 more benefits of starting strong, explained.


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova