Fashion Guide For A Zoom Workday

It’s almost summer internship season. Of course, many graduating students will also be starting their full-time jobs this summer. Amidst the pandemic and due to the fact that every company has been running differently, this might mean virtual workdays. Virtual work days for many employees have been synonymous with stretchy pants. While it’s crucial for new graduates and interns to feel comfortable and confident, it is recommended that you put your best foot (or outfit) forward when you first start work. It’ll show you are prepared and happy to be there, as well as really help you make a good first impression whenever you meet new employees, attend meetings, etc. This can be tricky to do well over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, so here are a few tips.

  • Give yourself enough time
    • Wake up early enough in the morning to start a routine that is suitable for you. Whether you like to work out or read in the mornings before you start your work tasks, allocate enough time to do whatever you like to do AND have enough time to get ready/look presentable. Whether it takes you 20 minutes or an hour to get ready, take that time into account when you set your daily alarms.
      • PRO TIP: Remember, if you’re waking up early, you might want to think about going to sleep earlier, as well. Sometimes, no amount of coffee can fix a bad or inadequate night of sleep, and you really want to be able to perform the best you can at a new job, for your own sake!
  • Presentable from the waist up
    • While you might want to switch out of your colorful pajama bottoms on the off-chance somebody asks you to stand up and get something whilst you’re on a video call, any neutral-colored pant is usually okay during a Zoom workday. Just make sure that you put on a nice dress shirt or blouse, and if you decide to stay more casual with a t-shirt (whether it’s with your company’s logo or just a neutral color), just keep a blazer, jacket, or cardigan nearby in case you do have to quickly look more professional at some point during the day. Many professionals have formed strong connections with comfy and stretchy pants throughout the WFH time, so there is no shame.
    • If you wear make-up, that is also a great option to look even more put-together. Making sure you brush and style your hair is also crucial, as that is one of the most noticeable features over Zoom.
  • Change up your outfits and do it for yourself
    • While it can be tempting to wear the same things over and over again due to getting into a routine or being on Zoom, it’s a lot of fun to switch it up. Additionally, you never know who’s looking at you during meetings, and if you’re seeing the same people frequently, it’s better to have a week or two of outfits planned out, even if you’re always just on Zoom for work.
    • Not to mention, wearing different things can help you keep track of the days better and even keep you more focused if you feel confident in your fashion choices!
    • Sometimes, dressing up for Zoom can feel disheartening because you won’t be seeing anybody in person, but it’s a great idea to do it if it makes you happier or if it makes work feel more like work. Sometimes, wearing something fancier during the working hours and then changing into something cozier after you log off for the day can help separate work from home.

Do you like working from home? And, be honest, is it because of the stretchy, comfy pants you can wear?

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova