Philippine United Student Organization & Career SUCCESS

As we wrap up the semester, lots of student organizations are finishing off their busy year of recruiting, planning events, and giving their members opportunities to network. An amazing organization to meet professionals, connect with peers on campus, and gain knowledge about Filipino culture is through joining PUSO, or the Philippine United Student Organization.


Could you tell me a little more?

PUSO provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested in joining, regardless of whether an individual is a Filipino or not, to celebrate Filipino culture on and off campus. For Filipino students, the organization provides representation on Bentley’s campus and a supportive environment. The organization aims to build a community and not only promote Filipino culture but educate both members and non-members about the culture as well.

The purpose of PUSO is to spread awareness through social events, educational gatherings, and collaboration with other Bentley organizations.


What’s a career-related benefit to joining PUSO?

Something really cool about PUSO is that all of the Filipino organizations in and around Boston are connected through a formal network called the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue. This connects PUSO members to professionals at countless companies and therefore gives them an advantage when applying for positions.


Nathan Tombo, a soon-to-be graduate and PUSO Executive Board member, has mentioned that being on the executive board for the organization has allowed him to gain skills in strategic planning. He has worked with the long-term goals for PUSO and planned many events! He says that planning all aspects of an event from ideation, planning, execution, and then observing how it went and measuring success has been a benefit of joining PUSO that he never thought of. This benefit is one that Nathan has discussed in many of his interviews!


So there are opportunities to get involved?

Absolutely, and there’s no better time than now to get involved with the Philippine United Student Organization. Why? Well, PUSO was recognized as an official organization in the fall of 2020. PUSO has been unable to have any events in person due to this. However, despite the pandemic throwing obstacles at PUSO, the organization has executed several successful virtual events with two other cultural organizations on campus. PUSO has also attended and scheduled networking events for members of other Boston school Filipino organizations. 


Interested in joining the executive board?

Nathan mentions that being on E-Board has helped him get jobs. He mentions his logistical and planning skills that have resulted in him becoming a more organized person. Due to his time serving PUSO, he has become far better at managing his time and collaborating with others. He has also shown a passion for staying in touch with his own cultural background, which has shown interviewers how passionate he is about building up the PUSO community at Bentley. Even if you don’t have roots in the Philippines, this is a great organization to join if you want to learn more about the culture and help perpetuate an accepting, diverse campus! Join PUSO through this link.


Final thoughts?

I’m gonna let Nathan take this one:

“You can always learn more about other cultures from all around the world!” 

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator