Looking for More Career Insight? Fall CDI 201 & 301 Are Here to Help!

CDI 201 is now a 4 week in person course for those of you who are undecided in major and/or career path.  This course will focus on advanced StrengthsFinder assessment, Strong Interest Inventory assessment, identifying majors, career paths, industries and companies based on your results, skills and values, and customized career action planning.  Nine sections of CDI 201 will be offered in the fall only and in 3 sessions – the schedule is now available on Workday.  CDI 201 is a free, non-academic, non-transcript bearing course. *Students who take CDI 201 in the Fall may take their CDI 301 in Spring 2022 so you will not miss out on anything!*

CDI 301’s are asynchronous courses for those of you who know what you want to major/career path in and ready for next level, advanced internship/job search education and interviewing preparation. Eight CDI 301’s are being offered for/by every major and you do not need to be declared in your major to enroll.  CDI 301 is a free, non-academic, non-transcript bearing course. Please see the “Public Notes” in each CDI 301 course Workday description to determine the right course for you to take.


CDI 301 course offerings are as follows:

Please note CDI 201 is only offered in the Fall CDI 301 will be offered in the Fall & Spring


 QUESTIONS?  Please contact GA_UCD@bentley.edu for CDI or career-related questions or

GA_Academic_Services@bentley.edu for questions regarding academic planning around CDI courses.

By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Alyssa Hammond