5 Recommended Career Books To Check Out

Have some free time on your hands? Maybe not right now as finals season is almost upon us, but what about after that? Focus on your professional development a little by reading a career-related book! Through researching these novels, some are better than others for specific situations. Scroll down for five great choices that can get you on the way to becoming a better candidate for jobs or a better professional in general! 


If you can only read one: What Color Is Your Parachute?

Richard Nelson Bolles, the author of this classic career advice book, covers everything from designing your resume to interviews to networking and much more. There’s a lot of tips and tricks that concern social media outreach and other virtual topics, which are super important especially right now. It is a great guide for anybody who either is just starting their job search or needs supplemental information.

Another classic: How To Win Friends and Influence People

You may have already heard of this book! It’s extremely popular. Dale Carnegie published this book in 1963 and gave individuals foolproof ways to make sure others like them, ways to persuade others to see the merit in your ideas, ways to change others, and ways to personally improve yourself to maximize your chances of success with others. This self-improvement book is absolutely one you should have in your arsenal of resources, even in 2021.


Most interesting: The Third Door

Do you enjoy watching YouTube videos or TikToks of interviews with successful people? Alex Banayan, bestselling author and businessman, spent 5 years of his life tracking successful investors, business people, celebrities, and others to ask them about how they started their careers. This book is filled with interviews, big names, funny stories of how Banayan ended up finding these individuals, and more. What did all of these individuals have in common? Spoiler Alert: They all worked hard and were extremely determined to do well. Definitely give this book a try, especially if you want to feel motivated.


Scientifically backed to improve your soft skills: Presence

Amy Cuddy, who is a professor at Harvard University, focuses on writing about science to make a perfect first impression. A first impression is crucial, no matter what field you’re in (or even if you’re making friends or meeting colleagues outside of a work setting)! This book will help you improve your soft skills, fix your mannerisms, and make other seemingly subtle changes that can have a HUGE impact on how people perceive you. Best part? This book doesn’t have one big secret, just small, science-backed changes that you can implement right now.


A unique book to challenge your viewpoint: So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Everybody knows that comfort and growth do not coexist well. Cal Newport focuses on interviewing a handful of successful people and urges readers to NOT follow their passions. While a controversial take, this book goes into the conflicting viewpoints on why professionals should instead spend their time focusing on developing new skills. In fact, working hard at something new is what the author argues passion comes from. Tough work and difficult decisions are where the real magic happens.


BONUS for the women in business: The Confidence Code

Men still dominate the corporate business world. Why is that? Co-authors Claire Shipman and Katty Kay (also authors of Womenomics) think it’s because of confidence. This is a must-read for women of all ages and in all stages of their careers, backed by research in genetics, gender, behavior, and cognition, among other scientifically proven topics. This motivational yet practical guide to careers is filled with experiences from the two co-authors themselves.


To read the source I used to make this list, and get another 3 great book choices, click here.

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova