Bentley Car Club & CAREER SUCCESS

Are you interested in learning more about automobiles and the automobile industry? Additionally, are you ready to get more involved in your passion for cars, talk to like-minded peers, and meet professionals who are in the industry? Consider joining Bentley Car Club, another awesome student-run organization on campus. This group of 30 car enthusiasts has the goal of teaching members about the auto industry. 


Is joining Bentley Car Club only valuable if you’re interested in working within the auto-industry?

No! Showing your passions to employers is important in any industry. Besides, Bentley Car Club informs members about the design process of new vehicles, discusses concepts of marketing and sales, and even helps members understand the technical and mechanical components of cars and companies. 

Don’t take it from me, listen to Blake Flaherty!

Blake is the president and the founder of the Bentley Car Club. He also serves on the board of BIG (the Bentley Investment Group), the board for the Bentley chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and is also a chair within SGA (the Student Government Association). This accomplished student has been able to network with many individuals in the auto industry while building a community of supportive individuals who are passionate about automobiles. He is a finance major and is not going into the auto industry post-grad, but has been able to connect to successful individuals in the financial industry due to shared passions for cars.


How is Bentley Car Club valuable for networking?

Showing your excitement for vehicles and learning about the ins and outs of the auto industry will help any major at Bentley, especially since many employers are also bound to be into cars. If cars are something you are passionate about, or are a topic that you would like to learn more about, definitely connect with other like-minded members!


What’s something cool that Bentley Car Club has done?

The club was recognized just over a year ago and with how the pandemic has been going, the opportunities for the club to hold in-person events have been limited. The Bentley Car Club was expected to (and very excited) to hold a large-scale car show on campus in Spring 2020. Bentley Police Department even coordinated with BCC to shut down every parking lot on upper-campus for the full-day event. The Bentley Car Club has a full event schedule and map prepared, with a reach of 20,000 people, and 1,000 people that were interested in coming or had registered to attend. I am sure it would have been a huge success, but due to COVID-19 chaos and limitations, it unfortunately fell through. If something like this is of interest to students for the future, when in-person events are once again a possibility, definitely think about joining!


Final thoughts?

If you want to learn more about the automotive industry, cars, or just want to talk to some passionate car enthusiasts, come to a meeting! Blake leads a tight-knit group of individuals who are all passionate about not only cars, but helping Bentley Car Club members feel at home on Bentley’s campus by sharing their experiences or giving them tips for working on cars or networking with individuals. If you are someone who doesn’t know anything about cars, this seems like an amazing opportunity to gain new, practical, and valuable skills.

Contact Blake at with any questions or comments regarding any of the organizations that he is involved in, and, if you’re sold on Bentley Car Club, sign up on CampusGroups HERE.


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova