3 Reasons You Should NOT Skip Out On A Virtual RSVP

We are more than halfway through the semester, in fact, Spring 2021 ENDS in approximately one month. Events are fully happening, and whether you are taking full advantage of them or not (you should), there are no reasons to be missing an event you RSVP’ed for, even if it’s virtual.

Virtual events may not feel “real” or “important,” and because everything else has also been online this year, burning out is truly upon students. However, there are several reasons why attending a virtual event is a commitment that should be followed up on, since you did reserve your spot. Read below for three of these.

  1. It looks so bad if you don’t.
    1. It looks SO bad to skip an event if you RSVP’ed. Who does it reflect badly on? Well, firstly, yourself. If something urgent or an emergency comes up, everyone will understand and you should still be emailing the event coordinators and employer representatives, even if after-the-fact. At the same time, most students are either just forgetting to go or not wanting to go to these important events. Employers have a list of RSVP’ed attendees and they’re expecting to see you there. Don’t let yourself let them down.
  2. You not going changes the event itself.
    1. RSVP’s who fake out and do not go bring the actual attendance far below the anticipated attendance that employees expected, which ends up altering participation and any activities that the event may have depended on. You not going indirectly ruins the experience for students who do attend, as well as hurts the individuals who planned this. Not to mention, it’s not professional to commit your time to something and just not show up.
  3. Your degree + Bentley.
    1. Almost everything is virtual now, so whether it feels “real” or not. Most jobs have converted to full-time virtual workspaces, many internships are going to be virtual, and nobody knows when campus recruiting will once again become an in-person affair. Committing and going to these events is mutually beneficial for you and for your university because you’re getting practice attending virtual events (which will likely be a part of our lives for far longer than just the COVID-19 pandemic). Bentley is also depending on you, as when students no-show, it often stresses the relationships that our Career Coaches work hard to build with recruiters and companies, which can decrease your future ability to get a job and may devalue a Bentley degree. Nobody wants that, so just go!
  4. Bonus + Opinion: These events are SO much cooler than in-person ones. Not everybody agrees and that is okay. Personally, I believe that the benefits of virtual recruitment events greatly outweigh the cons. My reasoning?
  • There’s no travel time.
  • You can attend from anywhere in the world and choose a comfortable location.
  • You get to meet individuals from different corners of the world as they do not have to physically be in a location, which is a new way that recruitment events have changed and opened up opportunities.
  • You can wear stretchy pants.
  • These events typically do not last as long as regular recruitment events and are more structured.
  • People have gotten creative with games, activities, and participation during these events.
  • You can really stand out by attending and participating, especially in a break-out room.


So, what are you waiting for? RSVP for an event, but remember that if you do, you are going to go. Make yourself a promise to impress some employers in the upcoming month and get closer to that dream job!


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova