New Resource in Handshake: Companies + Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Alert! Have you ever wanted to see how committed the companies that recruit Bentley grads are doing with diversity? Now you can! There’s an awesome new, coach-curated resource for you in Handshake. Just log in using your Bentley credentials, go to “Career Center” and then click “Resources.” It should be right at the top, but if it’s not, you can search up “Bentley University’s Directory of Employers Committed To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” by Anna-Karina Trilleras.

So what is this new and exciting resource?

The Pulsifer Career Development Center really went to work with this resource, and, in December 2020, sent a survey out to corporate partners, asking all about their commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Some of the questions asked included discussing the company ERG’s (Employee Resource Groups), recognitions that the company has received for DE&I initiatives, and whether the company provides resources to minority employees in an effort to hire them and keep them on board. These are all crucial things to know if you’re a part of an underrepresented community or if you’re an ally. Typically, the DE&I commitment of a company can help you decide if the culture is the right fit for you, your needs, and your personal career goals. 

Check out this resource to see what companies like Deloitte, Boston Scientific, Bose, Citizens Bank, FactSet, KPMG, Liberty Mutual, Northwestern Mutual, Raytheon, RSM, Silicon Valley Bank, TJX, Travelers, Wayfair, and more said! If you’re interested in any of these companies, looking into this resource will help you get to know these companies better, while also giving you ideas on what you can ask questions in your interviews about (hint, hint). 


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova